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When and Why Should I Start A Blog?

I thought for today’s posting I would tell you the reasoning behind Is it a “passion project?” Is it something just to keep me busy? Was it built on a dare? Well, in a sense, maybe it’s all three. I never even realized this until now. Seriously.

TSL has been on my mind for a long time. So yeah, I can say that it’s a passion project. I love reading, learning, watching, and looking at anything having to deal with success. Does that sound creepy? I’m NOT stalking people…yet. I’ll tell you right now that I have a huge love for luxury real estate. The houses that successful CEO’s, entrepreneurs, actors, singers, and overall just wealthy people live in. I love going to neighborhoods that have these kind of megahomes. When I find a neighborhood I’ve never seen before, it’s like Christmas morning to me. Or when I see a new development in a neighborhood I’ve been at before, I often return just to see the progress. I’m pretty sure a lot of these neighborhoods would consider me a “house stalker.” Is that a term? Can it be a term? It is now.

I’ll drive past these homes and think to myself, “I wonder what they do for a living. I wonder how they got their start.” It’s always intrigued me, but it all comes back to one thing: I wonder how they got their start. Keep this in mind.

Is TSL just something to keep me busy? Yeah, it might be. But in a good way. A guy can only surf the internet so long before wanting to actually contribute to it. Sure, I have my YouTube channel, but after 1100+ videos, it’s time to contribute in other ways. I needed something to keep me busy when I’m not working on my YouTube channel or whenever I’m just bored of the internet in general. Have you ever felt like you’ve literally looked at EVERY page on the internet? Me too. I knew that I wanted to contribute on something that I really enjoyed, and if this kept me from wasting my day on YouTube or Twitter or taking a nap, then TSL has already succeeded for me.

Finally, was this built on a dare? Yes. But the thing is, it was a dare I made for myself. Let’s recap real quick: I wonder how they got their start and was this something to keep me busy. This “dare” was something that needed to be done. I knew TSL wasn’t going to start itself. I knew the domain and hosting wasn’t going to buy itself. I knew the webpage wasn’t going to build itself. I knew these posts weren’t going to write themselves. It was all up to me. I knew I had to do all of that. I had to get this started and I knew it was going to keep me busy. I had to do the dare and build it from scratch.

This is the perfect time to know when and why you should start a blog. Do not be like me and wait. If I had started this when I wanted to, I would have 100’s of posts written by now. This site would actually be ranked on Alexa by now. If you feel the need to start a blog, just start it right now. Quit reading this post and start.

“But why would anyone want to read my blog?!” Because there is a blog out there for everyone. Trust me. Write about you love. Write about what you’re good at. If you’ve baked 1000 muffins in your life, you’re a muffin master in my eyes. Start a blog about muffins! When you write about what you love and things that you get excited, people are going to read it. People are going to feel the same emotions that you feel.

Let me be honest real quick, your first few posts are going to be dreadful. Hell, I know I’m just getting started. It’s going to take a lot of posts to be…better. Don’t focus on the bad, focus on the good that you’re creating for someone out there. Even if you attract 1 reader in some small city with a population of 12, that one reader is going to be glued to your site. You’re starting a blog to change someone’s life, and that someone is you.

I wish you all the best of luck on your new blog! I really do. Let’s end today’s post with a cheers to the 1 reader on my blog: I appreciate you reading and I’m sorry it’s a mess right now. Hopefully you stick around for the future. It’ll get better. I promise.

Michael W
Michael is social media expert with a large interest in helping people become as successful as they can be.

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